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Vancouver, BC


Our Planning Process

Our planning process mirrors the standards set by the Financial Planners Standards Council. 

1. Discovery

The first step is getting to know you better and that's why the Discovery meeting is all about you.  

What is your current situation? What has been your history with money management and financial planning?  What are your personal and financial goals? What do you hope to get out of working with a CFP?

Daisy will give you an overview of the Financial Planning services that may be relevant or beneficial to your situation. She will also provide you with an outline of her Planner Service Engagement and information about how she is compensated. 

2. Fact Finding and Analysis

In this step, Daisy will collect all pertinent personal and financial data from you. You may be asked to complete and return comprehensive questionnaires as part of the Fact Finding process. The information you will be asked to share varies depending on the scope of the Service Engagement. 

3. Goals and Expectations

Daisy works with you to identify your priorities, define your personal and financial goals and set a realistic timeline to achieve those goals. She develops strategies to help overcome potential obstacles and take advantage of opportunities. 

4. Presenting the Plan

Daisy will prepare your plan and present realistic strategies based on the realities of your current situation. Depending on your circumstances, your plan may include alternative recommendations designed to make the process more workable for you. 

5. Implementation

The strategies and recommendations of your plan will not be implemented until you have understood the steps required and are willing and able to undertake the responsibilities involved. If your Plan requires the expertise of other professionals such as lawyers or accountants, Daisy may make those introductions for you as well.

6. Progress Monitoring and Review

Your plan will include milestones that must be reached before the next set of recommendations may be implemented. Regular reviews will give Daisy an opportunity to measure your progress and make necessary adjustments as your life circumstances change.